Rice paper, ink \ 45×25 cm \ 2022
The series explores language in terms of non-alphabetic systems as well as scientific knowledge as such. The Voices series is made on rice paper in the traditional technique of ukiyo-e hieroglyphic writing.

This work was inspired by the artist’s fascination with the scientific study of the language of birds and animals. Amazingly, animals have a well-developed language and communication system that humans have researched well. We can indeed understand the language of birds and animals (and even the language of coral reefs). To do so, however, we must master a very subtle play of sound intonations. In addition to the depth of the study of this scientific subject, the artist was struck by the "impenetrability" of the information provided. Despite the most detailed descriptions and illustrative graphics of the alphabet and the language of birds, she would not have been able to understand a bird or somehow reproduce the necessary combination of sounds.

The fact of not being able to take advantage of the knowledge she found led the artist to create the Voices series, where we can only be mesmerized by the beauty and mystery of bird language, as well as the beauty and mystery of the graphs provided by the scientists.
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