Total installation

— painting
— photography
— kinetic sculpture
— found objects
— currents of air
— ticking clock
2020 | FFTN Gallery, St. Petersburg
In the project No Outline, the artist explores the question of the human transition to digital reality by turning to personal memory. The artist uses the language of architecture and writing in her work.
The objects of the installation are a text, a diary, and a trace of inevitable transformation. The gallery space is like the abandoned dusty industrial zones or the grass-covered ruins of cathedrals; all this is an act of memory, which is so selective and imperfect. Memory is like fragments of city maps, a given, a structure, an abstraction, a symbol.

The exhibition consists of paintings, photographs, and a kinetic object. The images from the personal archive are scattered hieroglyphics. The picture is a lost diary text, an archaeological find. The ticking of the clock and the synthetic analog of the sacred Pomeranian Dove create a meditative rhythm, a dance of hope.

People do not know and cannot say anything about themselves now as at the beginning or after the end of the world.

It is the preverbal world or the post-language world. I want to remember something or invent it anew. It is an important dream that keeps slipping away into a blur, into a vague image. And there are no words, no titles. There is only the myth, almighty, endlessly repeated.
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