This series of works is a ticket to an imaginary journey to Tangier. The visual images of the series either dissolve or accumulate like dreams and smoke of another reality. It is an imaginary time and place that is difficult to describe. Here, the black and white graphics are suggested to be read as text.

The literalness of the series is also evident in the titles of the works: Cravats and Spices, Mountain Walking, Scale, Night Boat Trip, Afterdark Greetings, Native Dances, The Letter to a Friend, Morning Boat Trip, Forest Talk, Be Stronger, Be Softer, Water, The Visitor, Donabo Gardens, Card for… No Waiting, Windy, Before the Concert, The Concert, Conversation Lesson, Afterdark Details.

Here, the titles of the works are part of the composition and a tool for creating an image.
paper, acrylic, graphite \ 40×30 cm \ 2022
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