Terra incognita (Latin "unknown land")

TERRA INCOGNITA are graphic works on fabric, painted with a broad brush in one or two strokes. The author’s brush design makes it possible to completely fix the trajectory of the artist’s movement on the fabric canvas. This approach to creating works is ontologically related to the tradition of abstract expressionism, where the focus of attention is shifted from the work of art to the process or act of its creation. The title of the series is the Latin phrase "terra incognita," used on ancient geographical maps and globes to denote unexplored lands. The artist appeals to the associative level of our perception, where colors such as umber and sienna can be "read" as indices of the land. The way the paint is applied to the canvas also recalls Zen calligraphic practices. In particular, the works created with a circular motion reproduce the method of drawing the Zen symbol "enso." Undoubtedly, the graphic series "Terra incognita" is also a metaphor for the path of life, which often goes beyond the horizon of the usual world perception and leads to something as yet unexplored.
fabric, acrylic / 150×150cm, 130*150cm, 150*120cm, 110*70cm / 2022
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